We are incredibly happy to tell you that we will be back in just two short days! Well done everyone in sticking to it, but it is time for a drink.. You will need to be in for the purpose of dining however, so book in and join us to try our new winter menus and wash it all down with a well-earned beer or glass of vino.

As you probably know, there is a few more restrictions we need to abide by in the interests of everyone’s good health. We’ll ensure you’re greeted at the door, so that we can run through this with you when you get here. There is only a maximum of ten people, permitted per dining party and we strongly recommend you book.

Can’t wait to see ya! Open from 11am till 10pm


East Auckland’s No. 1 social haven, The Botany Commons elevates from a destination working or late-lunch venue for a debrief with friends or colleagues to a vibrant dynamic atmosphere in the evenings. Whether you’re catching the game or having a late night on the dance floor our vast array of spaces provides a little common ground for everyone – we can’t forget about our built-in microbrewery!